October is Co-op Month!

October is National #coopmonth!

      This year, over 40,000 cooperative institutions across America are celebrating Co-op Month, honoring the cooperative businesses, suppliers,
manufacturers and farmers that help grow strong, healthy communities around the world.
 A cooperative, or co-op, is a democratic association of people who produce, distribute, or supply goods or services for their mutual benefit.
Flatbush Food Co-op is a consumer cooperative, which means we are owned by our member-owners.
There are many other types of cooperatives, operating in areas such as health care, insurance, housing, utilities, farming, and credit unions. 
Co-ops worldwide share a set of guiding principles, including "cooperation among cooperatives," and "concern for community".

     1 in 3 Americans are members of at least one co-op, which contribute to sustainable economic growth by maintaining a triple bottom line:

  • People
    • fair business practices, including support for fair trade and local producers, providing fair wages and employee benefits, and supporting community organization 

  • Planet
    • sustainable environmental practices, including managing energy consumption, reducing, recycling, or composting waste, providing support for local gardening and recycling initiatives, and selling products from ecologically responsible producers 
  • Profit
    • In profitable years we may share profits with member-owners in the form of patronage dividends

Cooperatives are a different kind of business, because they're one YOU can own.

We answer to our members, who all have one vote,
not investors who buy and sell shares for profit.
We invest in our community, and not the stock market.
We bank local, we buy local, and we provide
quality employment to our neighborhood.

This year, we're honoring co-op month with events to celebrate our community
help preserve our environment, and provide additional value to our customers.