Own It October!

October is National Co-op Month!
From electric co-ops to credit unions, 
from housing co-ops,
to farming, utility, and food co-ops, 
in so many sectors all over the world,
cooperatives are a different kind of business.

One YOU can own.
We answer to our members, who all have one vote,
not investors who buy and sell shares for profit.
We invest in our community, 
and not the stock market.
We bank local, we buy local, 
and we provide quality employment to our neighborhood. 


This October-
Own It!
There's never been a better time to join!
Our October Owner Drive is being held from 10/17 to 10/31!

In addition to our regular benefits new member-owners will receive:

Free Co-op Mug (microwave safe and printed right here in Brooklyn!)

An invitation to our new member brunch

10% off non-sale items during our Member-Owner Appreciation Day on 10/29 

And an entry into our raffle:


A TOKYO Citizen folding bike!
Three members will receive fair trade gift baskets!
Six members will receive co-op gift cards!
Already a Member-Owner? 
Refer a friend and you will also be entered into our raffle!