Becoming A Member-Owner


Print your member-owner application

The Co-op is owned and democratically controlled by its member-owners. By joining the Co-op, you become a part owner of our socially responsible business. Member-owners also participate in decision making in the Co-op, electing a Board of Directors at the Co-op’s annual meeting. Member-owners also receive a selection of additional benefits.

Becoming a member-owner is easy. 
Member-ownership is paid for with a onetime equity investment of $200. You may pay it in full. Or, you may pay a minimum $25 with your application (accompanied by a $15 one-time nonrefundable processing fee), followed by $25 minimum annual payments (due on the anniversary of your first payment) until the balance is paid.

There is no work requirement.
Your equity investment is used to secure the co-op’s economic stability and provide capital for maintenance, improvement, and growth.
Should you choose to leave the co-op, your investment is fully refundable.

Hand in your application at our customer service desk (pick it up in store or print it here), pay your processing fee and equity, and we'll take your picture and print you
your Co-op member-owner card.

Not sure about joining?
Non-members are always welcome to shop at the Co-op.